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Frome Medical Practice hosts anxiety support session for adult patients

FROME Medical Practice is holding an online anxiety support session for patients.

The session will be hosted by mental health nurse practitioner, Brice, and will take place online on Tuesday 7th December at 6.15pm.  

“Anxiety is a feeling of unease or a sense of worry, fear or dread,” said Brice. “These feelings can range from mild to severe. Plenty of people feel anxious from time to time and it usually passes once the situation is over.  

“But sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming or magnified in stressful situations and this can affect your daily life. If this is something you experience, then we can help and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We hope this session is something you can join in with.”  

The session is designed to support adult patients and provide them with coping strategies and tools to help them manage anxiety. It will help patients understand anxiety, will offer ways to cope with anxious thoughts, as well as strategies for coping with panic. There will also be the chance to discuss feelings at this time of year as we approach Christmas, as well as an opportunity to ask questions anonymously.  

“The sessions are open to anyone and you can join in anonymously,” said Brice. “You’ll need to give your name when you register for the event but this won’t be shared during the session and no one else will know you’re taking part. We know sometimes it can be hard to reach out and we hope that making the sessions anonymous means people feel more comfortable joining in.”  

If online sessions are new to you, and you have never taken part in something like this before, the practice has dedicated digital champions who can help. They will give you support to ensure you can access the session.   

The practice is also able to help if you’d like to join the session but don’t own a laptop or tablet that will enable you to get online. They have a number of devices available to lend to patients who might need them.  

To find out more about help to get online or borrowing a device, patients can contact the practice by calling 01373 301301, preferably after 2pm when it is hoped phone lines may be less busy, and asking to speak with a Digital Champion.   

To find out more about the sessions or to register to attend the anxiety support session please visit the practice website at or call the number above.  

Picture: Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Brice.

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