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Frome’s first Kindness Festival is on its way

FROME will host its first Kindness Festival later this year, celebrating the kindness that keeps the town going. 

The Kindness Festival will run from 1st to 6th March, and it will be coordinated by local non-profit organisation, The Good Heart.  

“Kindness is like a superpower,” said Alison Murdoch, one of the organisers. “It costs nothing, it’s something we can all give and receive, and it’s now scientifically proven to improve both our mental and physical health.  

“After a tough couple of years, we thought this would be a good moment to celebrate the kindness that keeps our town going, to find new ways of practising kindness towards each other and ourselves, and to explore how to be kind, even when we’re outside our comfort zone.  

“Let’s make Frome an even better place to live and work!”  

The festival aims to offer something for everyone, and is encouraging all the groups, schools, businesses and organisations in the town to contribute and take part.  

Volunteers will play a central role, so if you’d like to join the team and help out please come to The Good Heart on either Sunday afternoon 9th January at 4pm or Wednesday evening 12th January at 7.30pm.  

“This will be a relaxed opportunity to get together over a mug of hot chocolate, meet like-minded people and find out more about the festival,” said Melanie Dalton, another of the festival’s organisers. 

“Please drop us an email at if you can join us in January, so that we know numbers and can let you know if we have to switch to Zoom. We’re also keen to hear from anyone who can’t make those dates and would like to get involved.”

For more information about the festival visit: 

The Good Heart is located at 7 Palmer Street, Frome BA11 1DS.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why a kindness festival? 

 Kindness is something we all need and can offer to others. It has proven benefits for our mental and physical health and plays a big part in making Frome a decent place to live and grow up in.  

After a tough couple of years, the team at The Good Heart in Palmer Street has had the idea of curating a week of events that will help us all to:

• appreciate and celebrate the kindness that already exists in Frome 

• enjoy a range of events and activities together as winter comes to a close 

• recognize and develop our natural capacity for kindness 

• learn more about the power of kindness to strengthen our community and wellbeing

What will the festival be like?

A range of events are already in the planning stages on the three themes of:  

• celebrating kindness: as our natural and perhaps most important superpower 

• practising kindness: towards others, ourselves, children and the environment 

• exploring kindness: its benefits and challenges, especially when outside our comfort zone 

Our aim is for the festival to be as welcoming, varied and accessible as possible. We hope there will be something for everyone, as well as leaving plenty of space for the magical and unexpected.

Who is involved? 

Lead partners so far include: Frome Town Council, Frome Medical Centre, Window Wanderland, the Frome Independent, the Frome Times and Frome FM.  

Every individual, organization, school and business in the town is invited to take part. Would you like to organise an event or window display? Or to incorporate kindness as a theme into your normal everyday activities? Do you have other ideas and suggestions? They’re all welcome.   


What role will the Good Heart take?  


We are bringing together a volunteer team that will:  

• publicise the festival programme around the town and online 

• lead kindness workshops and activities in local schools and colleges 

• raise funds to cover the core expenses of the festival (currently estimated at £1,500) 

• collect donations for future activities on the theme of kindness. 

You can support the Kindness Festival by becoming a sponsor, joining our volunteer team, organizing an event or helping us to spread the word. Thank you! 

Please contact Mel, Alison or Teresa at or via our Facebook page. 

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