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A ‘polio free’ spring comes to Frome

PURPLE crocuses, planted by Frome Selwood Rotary, have begun to bloom outside the library, symbolising the club’s support of efforts to eradicate polio. 

Gloria and Ian Buchan with Guy Parkinson (centre), President Frome Selwood Rotary, admiring the display outside Frome Library.

Purple crocuses are the symbol of Rotary International’s quest for a polio free world. The crocuses were planted by Frome Selwood Rotary in late October outside Frome Library to mark their contribution towards the eradication of polio worldwide.  

“With only a handful of cases reported so far this year things are looking good,” said president of Frome Selwood Rotary, Guy Parkinson, who has administered polio vaccines to children in India. “But without continual effort it is likely that this dreadful life-threatening and life-changing disease will return to previous pandemic levels.” 

If you want to know more, please contact Guy Parkinson on 07712 185798 or visit Frome Selwood’s web site


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