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Frome reacts to MP update

Frome residents have reacted angrily to a statement issued by local MP David Warburton following the Sunday Times sexual assault and cocaine use allegations that broke last month.  

David Warburton MP

The MP said in a statement on his website last Friday, 6th May, that he continues to fulfil his role as an MP and is unaware if he is currently being investigated.  

David Warburton’s full statement reads, “As I am sure you can appreciate, this has been a very difficult and trying time for myself and my family with an inflammatory story run in the press on a national scale.  

“I would take this opportunity to express my deep sadness to any constituents who feel let down or disillusioned by the allegations. This is made all the harder by the fact that I have been unable to respond myself through a formal investigation. 

“As it happens and since the stories appeared a month ago, I have still not been contacted by any authority and am currently unaware as to whether any investigation has, in fact, been established.  As a result of the widespread allegations, I was admitted to hospital and remain under treatment, and I am sorry that this has caused uncertainty about the representation of our constituency. I would like to pass on my reassurance that I have been in continual contact with my parliamentary and constituency offices. I have been responding to enquiries, working on casework, writing and speaking to Ministers and departments and putting questions to them on behalf of constituents, all as normal.”  

Frome residents were quick to react to the statement on the Frome Times social media pages with some questioning how he can be working for his constituents while supposedly still under hospital treatment, while others have called for him to resign.  

One reader said, “Another disgraceful MP who should have resigned. He has left us with no proper representation – not that he did that anyway. Let’s have a by-election and be done with him.”  

Another added, “This statement is totally disingenuous. There is no way he can be hospitalised, under treatment and yet still be working flat out for his constituents. If he ‘is’ ill, the stress would be too much and surely that’s what put him there ‘supposedly’ in the first place! (His reputation at answering constituents’ emails is atrocious). He should be ashamed of himself.”  

Further comments included, “He’s continuing “all as normal” i.e. still not responding to constituents’ letters, still AWOL as he’s always been. What a slimy statement with no accountability whatsoever.” Another added, “Coincidentally, he felt well enough to make a statement after the polls had closed.”  

In support of the MP, one reader said, “He is innocent until proved guilty so please don’t prejudge him. However, the statement does not include a denial, unless I’ve misread it.” 

2 Responses to Frome reacts to MP update

  1. trevor williams

    May 11, 2022 at 8:26 am

    All the tree hugging yummy mummies coming out of the wood work… leave the man alone, they are allegations unsubstantiated by fact. Personal I think he has been an excellent MP

  2. A.S.

    May 12, 2022 at 10:47 am

    I agree poor bloke is really going through it leave the guy alone.

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