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Frome Medical Practice launches use of health apps to help patients improve health

FROME Medical Practice is encouraging patients to use health apps, which can help them improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. The practice is now using a library known as the Somerset App Library, and it is suggesting patients also use this to ensure the health apps they are accessing are trustworthy. 

The Somerset App Library has been put together by health care professionals. Apps that are listed within the library are assessed against key criteria to ensure they are suitable for use by patients. Patients can search for an app within the library using the name of a medical condition or key words. The library lists apps on a range of topics and people can find apps that offer support to prevent ill health or can help them manage their health condition at home.  

Dr Helen Kingston, Senior Partner at the practice, said, “We know that people are increasingly turning to technology and innovations such as apps for health advice and information. So, we are now encouraging patients to access this kind of information via a library of apps that have been checked by clinicians, so we know they are accessing information that is trustworthy.  

“Patients can look at the app library themselves or check with their health care professional about apps they might be using. And they might even find that we prescribe them an app to help them with a particular health issue they are experiencing.”  

The practice acknowledges that the use of health apps may be daunting for some patients, but help is available for people who are less used to technology.  

Rachel Haupt, the Digital Health Connector at the practice said “We want to be able to support as many people as possible to get online and to use technology to help them manage their health. We have a digital access team at the practice, can help with the loan of tablets if needed and have digital champions out in the community who can support people who are using this technology for the first time or need more help with it.”  

For more information about the Somerset App Library or accessing support to help you get online visit the practice website www.fromemedical

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