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Explore Frome’s ‘Hidden Gardens’

NEARLY 40 Frome gardens will be open for the public to explore at this year’s Frome Hidden Gardens event, as part of the Frome Festival. 

Lynda Kinderlan’s garden.

Hidden Gardens organisers, Andy and Anne Jones, say, “The gardeners of Frome stand ready to greet you. The kettles will soon be turned on and the cakes are being made. The plants and honey are in place and the tables and chairs await you.  Don’t delay, if the thought of tea and cake in a shady garden on a warm sunny day appeals then spend £5 per person to gain access to 39 gardens and three allotments during the 8th, 9th and 10th of July. Please remember that not all gardens are open on the same day.  

“We have made our event as accessible as possible with many sites available for those who use a stick or a wheelchair. The event can be enjoyed at so many levels, you don’t need to be an avid gardener bursting with knowledge to enjoy what you see.  

“There are many styles of gardens to explore, things to do and conversations to have with others. We can offer wild, mature, free flowing, quirky, themed, large and some truly hidden and tucked away gardens behind gates and walls and along secluded terraces.  

“Some gardens have focused on repurposing materials and others have specialised in specific plants like carnivorous plants. We can share our ideas on helping wildlife or wax lyrical about the merits of hot and cold composting. You may simply want to delight at the plants in front of you or enjoy the sweeping views afforded by some of the gardens.  

“If you have come to Hidden Gardens in previous years don’t think you have seen it all, we have even more new gardens this year with many being a work in progress. It is fascinating to see year on year how these gardens develop.  

You can buy a ticket from the Frome Festival website:; or you can pop into any of the following, Hunting Raven the Bookshop in Cheap Street; Ellenbray selling Toys and Stationery in The Westway; The Discover Frome Information Point: Studio 4 Black Swan Arts; The Town Hall on Christchurch Street West and last but not least the Box Office in the Cheese and Grain. 

“Please come and join us. We look forward to meeting the friends made in previous years and making new ones this year. Look out for the gardeners wearing their unique flower badges.” 

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