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Frome’s Missing Links’ summer bike sale

FROME’S Missing Links is to hold a second-hand bikes sale at the Saturday market in Frome on Saturday 2nd July.

The bikes have all been donated to raise money for the charity, which aims to connect the centre of Frome with the traffic-free multi-user path from Great Elm to Radstock, known as the Colliers Way. A small group of volunteers has checked and fixed up the bikes ready for the sale, so that they are all in good condition. There will also be some accessories and pre-loved sports clothing for sale.  

The group expects to have 10 – 15 bikes at the sale, including some children’s bikes, with prices ranging from £40 to around £120, depending on the condition of the bike, its quality and its age. Pictures of the bikes will be posted to Facebook in the week ahead of the sale, and the stall will be open for business from 10am – 3pm on 2nd July.  

Frome’s Missing Links hopes that the bikes will also give people a chance to enjoy cycling this summer, without spending a lot of money.  

Chair of Frome’s Missing Links Richard Ackroyd said, “Cycling can be a great way to exercise, to explore the local area and to get around town. Summer is a good time to get in the habit of travelling by bike when you can. I hope this sale encourages a few more people to give it try.”  

The funds raised will go towards the campaign to get the multi-user path extended. At the moment, the path goes through Whatcombe Fields, until close to Selwood Manor. At Great Elm, the path begins near Buckland Bridge, providing a traffic-free route to Radstock, where there are connections on quiet lanes and paths to Bath. 

Frome’s Missing Links is also campaigning to create multi-user paths to the south of Frome towards Longleat.

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