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Issue 284 – David Cameron’s Frome visit

CONSERVATIVE Party leader, David Cameron, was in Frome on Friday 18th September celebrating the recent Conservative success in the county council elections.

He was making good on his promise to return to Somerset if the Conservatives took over the county council, something they achieved this year after 16 years of Liberal Democrat control. He visited the Key Centre nursery as well as Christ Church First School, to find out more about the role they both play in the community.
Accompanied by Somerset County Council leader Ken Maddock, and prospective Conservative MP for Frome, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, David Cameron took time to chat with staff and even play with building bricks with some of the children.
When asked about his visit David Cameron said, “The reason I’m here is because I promised I’d return if the Conservatives took over the county council, so I’m being as good as my word.
“The first promise the Conservatives made when they took change of the council was to freeze council tax, which is very welcome as it takes a lot out of people’s budgets. Instead there needs to be a focus on more efficient frontline services. The Key Centre represents one way this is possible.”
David Cameron added that the Key Centre was the kind of project that the Conservatives would hope to invest in and expand.
At the end of his visit David Cameron was presented with a mug made out of clay by children at the centre to commemorate his visit, which he said his own children would be delighted with.
After his whistle-stop tour, Christ Church headteacher, and Key Centre manager Sarah Bullmore said, “It went very very well, it was a real privilege to have been chosen for the visit. He was very personable, and very much a family man who put you at ease.”