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Issue 285 – Frome mum’s fitness DVD for seniors is best in the UK

When Frome mother-of-three, Liz Chandler, fulfilled a long-term dream by producing her own fitness DVD she had little idea that it would become one of the best selling fitness DVDs for the UK over 50s market in little more than a year.

Saga Magazine, which looks at issues concerning the over 50 age group, recently voted it ‘Best for Mobility’ in a review of fitness DVDs.
The DVD, entitled Real People Pilates: for over 50s features Liz, a fully qualified Pilates instructor who also runs the Pure Moves Studio in Frome, and three of her students: 70 year-old Sylvia, 68 year-old Derek and Janet, the youngest at 62.
Having identified a gap in the market, with many fitness DVDs failing to address the differing needs of an older age-group, Liz set about producing her own. The DVD has already generated strong sales.
“We’re extremely pleased by how well the DVD has been received. There has been some fantastic feedback from people who purchased the DVD in order to try Pilates for the first time and who are now regularly undertaking classes and have experienced genuine health benefits,” Liz says. “Exercise is important at any age, but it is especially important to choose the right exercise to protect your body.
As the body ages it becomes more prone to a range of conditions and special care should be taken,” she explains. Pilates, she believes, is ideal as it is useful for improving balance, movement and flexibility, but particular care should be taken by individuals suffering a range of medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure, for example or who haven’t undertaken exercise for an extended period of time.
For Liz, making the DVD with some of her older students was essential to its success. “When I mentioned the idea to my students they were particularly keen to be involved in the process. They immediately agreed with me – they liked the idea of a fitness video which featured people their own age rather than young, athletic-looking participants that they found slightly intimidating.”
It’s not just the general public who has praised the DVD. It has been endorsed by a range of clinical experts, including Chew Magna GP Dr Vanessa Williams who confirmed she would “recommend this video to anyone interested in sensibly improving their fitness.” Saga Magazine, which looks at issues concerning the over 50 age group, recently voted it ‘Best for Mobility’ in a review of fitness DVDs.
Pilates, which was developed in the early 20th Century, is a method of low impact exercise which focuses on building the body’s core strength, improving flexibility, balance, stamina, alignment and general wellbeing.

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