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Issue 288 – “Let us in!” Disabled access under the spotlight

members of the community will gather together outside the old post office, in the Market Place, Frome, on Saturday 28th November, at 2.00pm, to send out their message again: “Let us in!”
Town councillor Ros Meikle, who is organising the rally said, “Do you remember the rally when we tried to encourage shops and businesses to make access easier for people with disabilities?  We’d like to send out that message again, this time including parents with pushchairs and double buggies.  We would like to emphasise that moving around inside stores can be difficult too, particularly when there are seasonal promotions.
“Please, please, please make life easier for these people.  “Thank you” to those of you who make shopping and eating a pleasure for all members of our community.
“Anybody who would like to support us, please come along.  Anybody who wants to contact me, please e-mail me, on:”

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