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Issue 289 – Frome Schools perform well in national curriculum tests

THE NATIONAL league tables for primary schools have been published, showing how Frome’s schools have performed in national curriculum tests.

The league tables measure schools based on the performance of pupils in their national curriculum key stage 2 (KS2) exams, taken when they are in year 6.
The results, published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, show that of the three schools in Frome assessed by the league tables, one is performing well above the national average, one almost exactly on the national average and one slightly below.
St Louis Catholic Primary School came top of the Frome list, with 84 percent of its pupils reaching the expected level in both maths and English, compared to a national average of 72 percent, and a Somerset average of 71 percent.
Selwood Middle School was exactly on the national and Somerset average, with 71 percent of its pupils reaching the required levels in both English and maths. Selwood scored highly for science, with 92 percent of pupils reaching the required level.
At Oakfield School the number achieving the required level in both English and maths was 66 percent. Like Selwood, Oakfield also scored highly for science, with 90 percent of students achieving level 4 or better.
St Louis also topped the list with the highest aggregate score, a measure of how many children are achieving the expected level in maths, English and science, represented as a number out of 300. St Louis scored 269, against a national and Somerset average of 247.
Against this measure Selwood School scored 248, slightly above the average, and Oakfield School scored 239.

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