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Issue 289 – £500 grant offered for a sustainable project

Sustainable Frome is offering a grant of up to £500 for any individual or group who wishes to initiate a sustainable project.

Sustainable Frome believes that climate change, peak oil and financial stresses in the world require urgent community-led responses. They are aiming to develop personal and community resilience to these issues in order to develop global sustainability.
The 10:10 campaign encourages all of us to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. 10% is a fairly modest figure that can be achieved largely by saving energy and stopping wastage. However, there may be other ways of living more sustainably that require some financial input.
By offering this grant, Sustainable Frome are hoping to widen participation in both 10:10 and Sustainable Frome. Applications which will reach more of the population in Frome and work together with local groups will be particularly welcome. The grant could be used for match-funding if necessary. Your project must meet at least some of Sustainable Frome’s objectives, which are on the application form and the website.
The application will need to be returned by the end of January 2010 and the successful project will be decided by 15th February next year. Application forms and guidelines can be downloaded from the Sustainable Frome website:, or by contacting: Alex Hart 01373 302843 alex@mail2hades. com or Tricia Golinski 01373 474086 tmg086@
Sustainable Frome meets on the first Thursday of every month, at 7.00pm in the Masonic Hall. 10:10 website is:
Anne Hardy on behalf of Sustainable Frome

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