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Issue 289 – LibDem leader’s visit to Frome Community Hospital

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has praised Frome Community Hospital, describing it as part of his ‘vision’ for the NHS.

Nick Clegg took time out of his Parliamentary commitments on Thursday 26th November to visit the hospital and to see for himself how community hospitals can benefit local patients. David Heath, MP Somerton and Frome, introduced Nick Clegg to Frome and accompanied him on his visit.
After being welcomed to the hospital, Nick Clegg took a tour of the hospital, chatting to patients and staff as he went. The first stop was the renal unit, where he met patients who would previously have had to travel to Bath three times a week to receive treatment.
Nick Clegg said he had been highly impressed by the hospital on his visit. “It’s been fantastic”, he said. “This community hospital is exactly what is needed. It shows the best of the NHS.” He was particularly pleased with the hospital’s local focus. “It’s community hospitals like this one that provide our vision of the NHS,” he said. “The people who work here live here, and it’s human in scale. It’s been great to meet patients who previously had to spend hours and hours travelling.”
The hospital’s matron, Janet Saunders, helped show Nick Clegg around the hospital. “It’s great he’s taking an interest, and coming to see our nice new community hospital,” she said. “He’s taking a tour, and meeting patients and staff. He’s also meeting the chairman and chief executive, and talking about the trust and our programme. He’ll get different perspectives of health in Somerset.”
Before returning to London, Nick Clegg also visited the Neighbourhood Policing Post in the town centre.

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