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Issue 290 – The story of a champion published in Frome

FROME-based publishers Butler Tanner and Dennis are producing “My Championship Year”, the story of Frome hero jenson Button’s Formula One triumph.

The company, which employs several staff members who went to school with, or knew Jenson, felt that with such a connection they had to chase the contract to produce his book.
Butler Tanner and Dennis employee James Longman knew Jenson at college. He went to meet the champ at a recent book-signing at Cribbs Causeway, along with other staff members.
He said, “He’s an ex-classmate from Frome College, but we haven’t really spoken for 10 years. I went down to meet him, with some of the other chaps that work here and knew him from then. Because some of the staff knew Jenson, we’re based in Frome, and Jenson is obviously from Frome, there was that synergy there for us to say ‘we have to produce this book’. Orion Publishing, Jenson’s book company are also clients of ours.”
Jenson’s book has been produced quickly following his historic win in this season’s Formula 1 championship, made even more remarkable by the fact that Jenson didn’t even have a team to drive for until shortly before the season began.
“It was a fairly rapid process, it’s all been arranged in just four weeks,” said James.
“We’re so chuffed to be able to produce the book from a chap who’s a world champion from Frome who some of us went to school with, it’s unheard of in the 150 year history of the company.”
“It was strange feeling to meet him as a world champion, it wasn’t like meeting a celebrity you’d never met before. We had a bit of banter and mentioned a few names from the past but I’m sure Jenson wouldn’t want me to quote any of it!
“He was a true gent, there were no feelings of awkwardness and he led the meeting really. We’re absolutely delighted for him and hope he keeps winning season after season.”
Picture courtesy of Butler Tanner and Dennis.