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Issue 295 – Book deal for first time Frome author

A DEBUT author from Frome has secured a three book deal with HarperCollins, and is launching her first book in the town next week.

Kate Maryon will launch ‘Shine’ at Cafe La Strada on Sunday 13th March.
Shine is aimed at girls aged nine plus and follows the heroine Tiff, whose life comes crashing down when her glamourous mum is sent to prison.
Kate said, “It was my partner Daniel, who came up with the plot for ‘Shine’. He said, how about a story where the mum is a con-artist?
“At first I laughed him off, but the idea took seed and after some research I discovered that a huge number of children in the UK each year face the prospect of one or other of their parents being sent to prison. So I decided that it was a subject worth writing about.
“I hope that those children who find themselves facing this kind of situation in their lives will find some comfort in ‘Shine’ – that it will help them navigate the emotional landscape of fear, sadness, rage and many of the other feelings they might experience.
“I suppose I have a passion for ‘love’ – it’s love alone that carries us into life, through it and out the other side again and I do believe that with enough of it, all pain can be healed.”
Writing is an exciting new career path for Kate, who has been practising as a homeopath in Frome for the last 15 years. She always dreamed of being an author though.
She said, “I always knew I could write. From the age of four I’d sit for hours filling little books with stories and poems. Later I sent stories off to publishers and agents and although they were always rejected I never let it get me down.
“When my children grew up I decided it was time to give writing another go. I joined Alison Clink’s writing class at Frome College and with her support and encouragement found myself writing a novel for 9-plus girls called ‘Love Hearts’. I sent it out to publisher’s and agents and quickly got picked up by agent – Eve White.
“Eve has been brilliant. So supportive and helpful.
“Eve sent ‘Love Hearts out to several publishers but no one wanted it. So I wrote another, called, ‘Ruby Lou Raises The Roof’ and again no one wanted it but Rachel Denwood from HarperCollins spotted a talent and she decided to take me on.
“Rachel has been fantastic – and she offered me a three book deal!”
‘Shine’ is being released world-wide and Kate is inviting people to celebrate with her at La Strada café, on Cheap Street, Frome, at 4.30pm on Saturday 13th March.
There will be cake and non-alcoholic cocktails, a reading, book signing, face painting and balloons.
Copies of ‘Shine’ will be for sale at The Hunting Raven Bookshop opposite the café.
Kate said, “If you have something shiny to wear please put it on so we can make the town Shine!
Kate already has her next book, ‘Glitter’, lined up, a credit crunch story about a girl called ‘Liberty’ due out in September.
That book will then be followed by ‘Sparkle’, which is due out in March 2011.
Kate added, “It’s so exciting seeing my story in print and knowing that girls all over the world will get to read it. But the main thing I’ve learned from this whole experience – is to never give up on the thing you love – stay true to your passion – and one day it may come true!”
Please email her at if you’d like to come so she can make sure there’s enough cake to go around!

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