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Issue 296 – Google’s ‘Street View’ captures Frome

People around the world can take a virtual walk through the streets of Frome now that Google’s controversial Street View service has reached the town.

Anybody with access to the internet can now access a 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level view from any public road in the town, including residential estates. The service has previously only covered major cities in the UK. Last week, Google extended the service to over 95 per cent of the UK, including Frome.
From houses and shops to cars and pedestrians, the Street View application captures the lot, although faces and car registration plates have been blurred. The images were captured by Google last summer using special cameras and equipment that captures and matches the images to a specific location using GPS devices. Once the images are captured, they are “sewn” together to create a 360° panorama.
The extension of the service has sparked concern in some towns from people who feel their privacy has been breached by Google.
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