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Issue 297 – Frome Scouting volunteers heading for World Jamboree

It is one of the biggest events in the Scouting calendar and places are hard to come by, but two Frome volunteers will be amongst around 32,000 people attending the World Scout Jamboree this year in Sweden.

Kate Johnston and Sarah Dunn, both from Frome, have secured places in next year’s jamboree, which will be taking place between 27th July and 7th.
The huge event happens every four years in a different country, and is a worldwide gathering of Scouts from nearly 200 countries.
Sarah, 17, and Kate, 34, who are both volunteers at 1st Coleford Scouts, will live in tents on sub-camps with Scouts and fellow volunteers from all over the world.
The Jamboree site is in southern Sweden. The nearest town is Rinkaby and the nearest city is Kristianstad.
Sarah will be one of the youngest adult volunteers at the jamboree. She has been involved in Scouting since she was a young girl.
Kate, who is a Scout leader told the Frome Times, “We applied to go along and we had to go to a teambuilding event in Avon on February 14th to prove that we are worthy of going to the Jamboree.
“Sarah has had to go through a fairly rigorous selection procedure, having to prove that she can manage herself and work as a team.”
Kate was an Adventure Scout when she was younger and has been involved as a volunteer for eight years. She said, “I went to the World Jamboree four years ago when it was in the UK and it’s just an amazing event because it seems to be disconnected from the rest of the world.
“Everybody is happy to be there and helps each other out because everybody has worked hard to get a place. It’s an amazing experience.”
• 1st Coleford Scouts currently has spaces for new Scouts aged 6-14 years old. The group is also seeking adult volunteers to spare a little time to help out. For more information, contact Kate on 07786 196874.

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