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Issue 300 – Allotment project at Selwood School

A committed team of Selwood pupils, parents, governors, teachers and premises staff have been working tirelessly to turn a corner of the school field into an allotment.

The allotment comprises a shed, a water butt, collecting rainwater from school work sheds, and 10 beds where the children have planted flowers and vegetables.
The school is grateful to Homebase and Mole Valley for donating seeds and compost. Frome Selwood Horticultural Society have also agreed to help advise our budding garden enthusiasts in the future.
The school will have an allotment meal of the week, so this really is a case of ‘Grow it, Cook it and Eat it’.
Mr Sage, head of history and citizenship, is co-ordinating the allotment project, which is part of the school’s drive for sustainability, and will be one aspect of Selwood’s application for the prestigious Green Flag award for eco-schools. Selwood currently holds the silver award.
Mr Sage said, “It really has been a team effort. The pupils are getting a buzz from improving the school environment and will be spreading the word through school assemblies. It is gratifying for them to literally see the fruits of their labour.”

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