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Issue 300 – Frome Spellbound Guys and Dolls

Spellbound, the youth section of FAOS, recently held a workshop based around the gangster and showgirl musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ which was attended by over 80 children.

They enjoyed a couple of days of action packed music, drama and dancing with prospective principals receiving a master class from Nicki Ballantyne, 2nd director of T.V ‘s Larkrise to Candleford and ending with a showcase by all those attending.
Following the workshop, auditions were held and the Spellbound team were very impressed by the high standards everyone had achieved. They would have liked to offer all the children a place in the cast but unfortunately space is limited so 61 children were cast.
The principal roles are
Sarah Brown-Holly Kneller, Sky Masterson-Ellis Dackombe, Nathan Detroit- Ross Toten, Adelaide- Katy Jo Close, Nicely Nicely Johnson- Tom Carpenter, Benny Southstreet-Louis Mckee, Alvena Abernathy-Abbie Cavalla, Rusty Charlie- David Ashford, Lieut.Brannigan- Lily Morrison, Gen. Cartwright- Victoria Scudamore, Agatha- Lucy Howlett, Calvin- Bradley Wye, Martha- Jenna Morice, Harry The Horse- Beth Dombkowski, Big Jule- Matthew Blake, Joey Biltmore-Daniel Langdon, Mimi Hotbox- Lottie Ball.
Full cast rehearsals begin in earnest on 9th June and the cast will attend a full week’s workshop in the summer holidays to put the show together. For more details please consult the FAOS website.
Everyone is looking forward to a great show. Performances are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 5th, 6th and 7th August and tickets will be on sale in the Memorial theatre box office.

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