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Issue 303 – Pub Watch progress means less trouble

Police are praising the Pub Watch scheme for making a difference in reducing disorder in Frome town centre.

Pub Watch is an independent scheme run by all the licensees in the Frome area. As part of the scheme, persistent troublemakers are banned from entering the premises of all the members. At the end of 2008 there were 56 individuals serving bans but this had dropped to 48 by the end of 2009 and there are currently only 36 people on the list.
The local neighbourhood team works closely with Pub Watch and all licensees in the area and everyone is committed to preventing alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour. Bans are decided by an independent committee of Pub Watch members but PC Rachel Clark attends meetings to provide an input from the police. The length of bans varies depending on the severity of the incident, but they generally last between three months and a year.
As well as Pub Watch, the town store radio is also used by pub owners during evenings, providing a link to local police officers.
Speaking about the scheme, PC Clark said, “At the last meeting it was highlighted how disorder has fallen in the town centre and how well the police and Pub Watch are working together. Members have commented that they feel the Pub Watch ban makes a difference and that those who have served bans are keen not to get another ban. This is clearly making a difference and I know the threat of a ban does make some previously persistent troublemakers stop and consider their actions.”