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Issue 305 – Up, up, and away! Students release 500 balloons of peace

500 helium balloons were released by students at Frome Community College last week to mark Children’s Art Day as well as the college’s own ‘International Day’.

The students made small individual art works which were attached to each of the balloons, along with a message of peace.
Tamsin Thomas, head of art said, “Each artwork then began its journey. We hope some will find their way to other countries and the finders can email the school with details of where each balloon was found, so students can plot their progress on a map.”
The students worked together to create their art pieces, which evolved over several days by using a number of different processes.
Photograms were created in the college darkroom and mono-prints were also made from students’ photos. This work was then digitalised and worked into by further groups of students. The finished pieces were then printed out and attached to the helium balloons to be sent on a journey.
Over the years Children’s Art Day has received invaluable support from some of the country’s most talented artists including Antony Gormley, Cornelia Parker, Richard Wentworth and Bridget Riley. For the second year running, it has also received backing from Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London.
If anybody finds one of the balloons, the college would be grateful if you could email them at

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