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Issue 309 – Find out more about new rail services for Frome

MEMBERS of the public are invited to a meeting, hosted by the West Wiltshire Rail Users Group (WWRUG), to find out more about a new rail service for Frome.

Back in April, the Frome Times reported on the new service launched by the Go! co-operative. The proposals mean that Frome people may be able to catch direct trains to Oxford and the Midlands from December 2011 if the country’s first co-operative rail firm can raise the capital to run the service.

Tim Pearce, chairman of the Go! co-operative, will be presenting proposals and leading a question and answer session on Friday 17th September at 7.30pm at Bridge House, Trowbridge. The meeting will be a chance for people to see how the plans are developing and the travel opportunities it will offer.
Bob Lee, Secretary of WWRUG said, “Public transport is becoming more important as we all realise the environmental gains. Come along to see how this proposed new service is progressing. Free admission, refreshments, all welcome. ”
The route will run from Yeovil junction to the Midlands via Yeovil Pen Mill, Frome, Westbury, Trowbridge, Melksham, Chippenham, Swindon and Oxford. The Go! co-operative aims to be running services on this route from 2011.
The co-operative, which is part of The Co-op Group, says it is “aiming to empower passengers throughout the UK.”
A spokesperson for the Go! co-operative said, “Our mission is to reduce the social and environmental impacts of travel by providing mutually owned, high quality, inclusive public transport services that encourage people to choose more sustainable options.”
The spokesperson for Go! co-operative added, “We have identified a cross-country route that offers excellent potential for social and financial returns on investment. It uses existing track in a new way, to provide a real alternative to car travel. We aim to be running services on this route in 2011.”