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Issue 511 – Third time lucky to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro

TWO septuagenarians are set to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for two charities.

David and Margaret Jeffery, who are both parishioners of Holy Trinity Church, are tackling the 5,891m mountain to raise money for causes both near and far. Holy Trinity Church is raising funds for church renovations to accommodate its growing congregation, a project with an estimated cost of £750,000; while their challenge will also help towards building and equipping a new school in Marsabit area of north Kenya.
The challenge requires trekking for approximately 40 hours over six days – no mean feat for the fittest of septuagenarians, but a challenge that the couple from Nunney have been putting their determination into. David has attempted to climb Kilimanjaro twice already – the first attempt in 1955 aged just 19 – but was defeated a mere 100m from the peak due to altitude sickness. He made a second attempt in 1965, but he had to abort the challenge 250m from the top,
Now, at the age of 74, David and his wife Margaret have prepared with heavy training at a local gym and by trekking locally over the hills in Somerset. The couple were due to reach the summit this week.
David and Margaret can be sponsored through Holy Trinity on 01373 453 425.