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Issue 313 – Deportation fears for ‘popular man’

A POPULAR Frome resident is facing deportation after Borders and Immigration failed to read his documents correctly.

Canadian born Scott MacKillican of Café la Strada on Cheap Street, Frome, has been a resident in the same address and at the same job for the past seven years.
Scott entered the country with a two year working visa, which he renewed in 2005 for another five years, due to expire in January 2011.
Scott attempted to renew his working visa but was met with a refusal, stating bizarrely that he had not been in the country for more than five years. He now faces deportation on the 27th of December.
Scott said, “They have completely ignored the fact that I have been here since 2003 and already renewed my working visa. They did not review my paperwork. I have sent over every bank record, my National Insurance application, tax records, my address; which has been the same since 2003, and my job details. I have kept all my records from 2003 and included them in the renewal application, but Borders and Immigration have ignored all these factors, stating I have not been here for more than five years.
“I have currently spent over £900 to work here and I wish they would have just looked at all the records, they did not even spell my name correctly!”
Local man, Steve Berry said, “Scott is very popular around Frome, he is always friendly and pays taxes like the rest of us.”
A petition to help with Scott’s cause has been started by Frome Chamber of Commerce, it currently holds around 500 signatures and is situated in Café la Strada.
Scott has been in talks with the Citizens Advice Bureau and upon their instruction, is seeking an appointment with MP for Frome and Somerton David Heath.
“I just want to get it sorted,” Scott continued. “They made a mistake, it took them three months to get back to me last time, but there is no guarantee they will get back to me in time before I am due to be deported.”