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Issue 313 – Post Office will not close before Christmas

MARTIN McColls newsagents, which encompasses Frome’s main post office, in Westway precinct, will stay open during the run up to Christmas, before its planned closure at the end of the month.

A spokesperson for Martin McColls said, “The store is due to close, but we have an obligation to the community to open for the Christmas period, so the store will look to close towards the end of December or early in the new year.
“The store is reaching the end of its lease and is non-profitable, therefore we shall not be renewing the lease.”
The store’s closure could have serious side effects for footfall through Frome town centre. Councillor Helen Sprawson-White, Mayor of Frome said, “It is a relief that the store plans to open for the Christmas period but the closure is terrible news which can have a potential devastating effect on the town centre.
“It is ridiculous to think that we will not have this vital service. There are currently two other post offices, in Fromefield and Portway, which are currently up for sale. Frome cannot do without it.
“The town council have not yet had time to discuss the issue but I will be shocked if the council did not do everything in their power to get a post office open.
“We hope to begin negotiations with Royal Mail, David Heath MP, and the district council to facilitate a new location.”