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Issue 322 – Police issue warning about shed thefts

Police are advising people in and around Frome to ensure their property is marked and secure after a number of thefts from outbuildings in the area.

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in thefts from domestic sheds, garages and farm outbuildings. Items stolen have included plant machinery, electrical gardening equipment, garden tools and bicycles.
Sergeant Sarah Dinnis, beat manager for Frome said, “As the weather improves we have seen an increase in these types of offences as thieves have taken advantage of any easily accessible buildings they have found.
“Local neighbourhood teams are working proactively in the area with increased patrols, the provision of crime reduction advice and reassurance visits to tackle this type of crime.
“We would encourage people to ensure that outbuildings are locked and secure, to mark their property and to remain vigilant. If you see anything suspicious, such as people trespassing on nearby properties, call the police immediately on 999 or, to report an incident that has occurred, call 0845 456 7000.”
Advice on how to mark your property can be obtained from your local Neighbourhood team or on the Avon and Somerset Police website.
Advice on securing outbuildings:
• Always ensure that your doors are locked and lock any side or rear gates. If there isn’t easy access it can deter burglars. Use good quality locks. A tough pad bar (also called hasp and staple) fitted with a strong padlock and secured with coach bolts is the most effective way of securing a door.
• Install PIR motion sensor outdoor lights at the front and rear of your house if possible. This will alert you or your neighbours to anyone approaching your property.
• Mark your property with your post code and house number or the first two letters of your house name and place the details on
• Fit a battery operated alarm. These can cost less than you think. You can also buy alarmed padlocks.
• Fit a window grille and/or frosted window film to stop a thief seeing into your shed or garage.

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