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Issue 323 – Teenager organises first eco conference for young people

FROME’S first eco-conference for young people, organised by a Frome teenager, will be at the Cheese and Grain on the 1st of April at 9.45am.

The free conference is open to all young people in Frome and the surrounding area.
Frome teenager Alex Hart who is organising Frome’s first eco conference event said, “Join us for a one-day conference to increase communication sustainability between schools and young people in Frome and surrounding villages. We intend to give young people a platform to speak to each other and to offer them new tools with which to feel empowered.
“The day will consist of work-shops, activities and facilitated ‘open spaces’ for exchange of ideas and contacts. The conference is called ‘A gathering for sustainability’. All schools in Frome and the surrounding area have been invited and in all, there will be about 80 children aged between 6 and 16 attending.
“The event is FREE for all participants, is being run by volunteers and financially supported by Sustainable Frome.”
The day will look like this: • 9.45, Arrive, mingle, names. • 10.00, Introduction. • 10.15, A group activity involving everyone present. •10.45, Presentation. •11.00, Free time to explore and take part in an activity of your choice. •11.30, ‘Open Space’ discussion for the older age groups and keen younger members. (Questions and facilitation by Frome college and company). •12.00, Lunch – (with all waste being sorted and ‘displayed’ afterwards). • The lunch hour – 12 till 1pm – will be a ‘cross over time’ during which some schools will be leaving and others will be arriving. Hopefully this creates some free time for everyone to eat their packed lunches together and have a chance to just talk. •1.00pm, Repeat of morning. • 3pm, end.”