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Issue 323 – Waste woes cleared up for local resident

A FROME resident who has lived next to bags of rotten rubbish since Christmas has breathed a sigh of relief after the waste was cleared up last week.

85-year-old Ron Keefe alerted the Frome Times of the waste, which was left by his rehoused neighbours at 3 Chestnut Close. However the property is under ownership of Lambeth Council, one of 14 local authorities that make up Inner London.
A Mendip District Council spokesperson said, “Our Environmental Health team spoke to Lambeth about clearing the rubbish, which was left by a previous tenant.
“They asked them to remove the rubbish, which has now been completed.”
The waste filled both the rear and front gardens and dominated the view from Ron’s window next door.
Ron had tried unsuccessfully to contact Mendip District Council to remove the waste, but is now relieved to have the waste cleared up after having to live with it since December of last year.
Ron said, “It is wonderful. I am very grateful to everyone who made this happen.
“As I mentioned I am partially deaf and have lost my sense of smell, but at least this rubbish has gone to make my life a lot easier.
“There were four or five workers who filled two skips worth with rotten mattresses, carpets, black sacks and general waste.
“I am so relieved.”
Pictured above: the rubbish piled up ready to be collected and insert, a relieved Ron Keefe.