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Issue 324 – Buy your tickets now for Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity, the forthcoming presentation from Frome Amateur Operatic Society (FAOS), will take to the Memorial Theatre stage next month, with tickets on sale now.

As FAOS reports, “It is a musical comedy in the true sense of the word. Musical’ because it contains some of the best and well-known numbers ever written in musical theatre like ‘Rhythm of Life’, ‘Big Spender’, ‘If They Could See Me Now’, ‘There’s gotta Be Something Better Than This’ and ‘I’m a Brass Band’, along with an array of other really good tunes, in fact you could say every musical number is a winner!
‘Comedy’ because the show, despite having what some might consider a ‘modern’ theme (although it’s 50 years old) is really a good old fashioned musical comedy that will make you laugh and laugh. One or two of the scenes have the cast rolling around with laughter during rehearsals which is a good sign as they’ve seen it many times before.
Leading the comedy is Steve Huggins from Bath who plays the part of Oscar, who eventually falls for Charity. He is very much an actor who can sing, rather than the other way round, and his acting skills are there for all to see and admire as he brings this character to life in the most spectacular and amusing way.
“He is chairman of his own drama group in Bath and Frome audiences last saw him in ‘The Full Monty’ a couple of years ago playing Ethan.
“You won’t want to miss this; his latest performance so please come along to the Frome Memorial Theatre from 10th – 14th May to see him. Tickets are currently on sale at the theatre box office and may be obtained by telephoning 01373 462795.”