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Issue 329 – Traffic, transport and you

THREE Somerset county councillors in Frome are hosting a public meeting to discuss traffic problems and transport needs.

Cllr Alvin Horsfall, cllr Peter John and cllr Maggy Daniell will be holding the meeting on Thursday 23rd of June at Frome Library from 7.30pm-9.30pm.
Cllr Maggy Daniell explains that the meeting has been called because people in Frome want things done.
She said, “We need to harness everyone’s enthusiasm and get everyone working together so that a sort of strategic plan is put together. It isn’t a good time for big projects, the money just isn’t there at present, but that isn’t a reason to do nothing.
“We want residents to sit down with us and discuss what needs to be done in the town to sort out traffic problems and transport needs. This isn’t the little things we each get in our own divisions, it’s to build up a bigger strategic picture and see if we can come up with workable solutions between us.
“We know that what gets fixed in one area impacts on the surrounding roads and often causes problems there, so that is why we want to look at the town holistically and without party politics getting in the way. We also know some groups have thought this through before and we want to get all the ideas on the table and discussed at the same time, as part of the whole.
“We know Somerset County Council money is tight, so how much better it is to spend it strategically and get the best use for the most people now, and then be ready with plans for what we want to do when it can be afforded.
“Whatever we get out of this meeting, and other input relating to it, we will take forward at county, and jointly push for action.”

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