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Issue 330 – Carnival Queen and royalty are crowned

FROME’S Carnival Queen and Miss Teenager for 2011, along with more of the carnival royalty, were crowned on Friday 24th June.

Shenelle Drew, 17, took the title of this year’s Carnival Queen, while Aleesha White, 13, was named as Miss Teenager and her attendant is Jessica Clements, 14.
The Carnival Queen’s attendants are Amy Coles, Amanda Coulson, Charlotte Mills and Kelly Pleasants. They now complete the carnival royalty, along with the Carnival Granny and Junior Queen and her attendants who were chosen at a previous ceremony.
Meanwhile, the carnival committee is encouraging people to support their events and fundraisers in the run up to the carnival, which needs the support of local people.
More pictures on page 26.

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