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Issue 331 – Wear Frome’s independence on your chest!

From thriving independent shops to grass roots campaigning, to community action, Frome’s independent spirit now appears more in evidence than ever.

To celebrate the increasingly independent town, Foreground, Frome’s cutting-edge contemporary art commissioners, have re-launched their hugely popular ‘Independent State of Frome’ t-shirts, which sold in the hundreds when originally produced to accompany their dramatic carnival project Independent State in 2009.
The t-shirts have been on sale at the market on Catherine Hill, the World Food Feast during the festival and Saxonvale supermarket campaign meetings during July and are popping up on chests all over town – including those of well-known faces such as Kevin McCloud – quickly becoming the (un)official t-shirt of the town!
All profits from the sales of t-shirts will go towards supporting the production of Foreground’s ambitious forthcoming project ‘Notes From Nowhere’, which takes inspiration from the designer William Morris’ utopian novel ‘News from Nowhere’ in which he envisaged a new, fairer future.
Inspired by Morris’ vision, Notes From Nowhere will invite critically acclaimed artists to act as pamphleteers or campaigners – voices calling the people of Frome to action. The artists’ projects will range from specially designed cards to be posted en-mass to specific target groups, such as local politicians, to politicians in Taunton, London or Brussels, to beer mats in your favourite pub!
The t-shirts, which come in a range of striking colours, cost £10 for adult sizes and £8 for children’s sizes.
To buy a t-shirt, or find out more about Notes From Nowhere, contact Foreground direct by email, or visit
Foreground will also be selling the t-shirts at St Catherine’s Artisan Markets on 7th August and 4th September.

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