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Issue 332 – Campaign against a big supermarket gains national exposure

This weekend Frome will be the focus of a national story on communities trying to stop supermarket takeovers.

The Guardian has selected the town to feature alongside others working to protect their retail independence.
The campaign against the build of another large supermarket in Frome has attracted a growing amount of media interest; those against the proposed retail build welcome the exposure.
Luke Wilde, Frome resident and chairman of the group which has organised public meetings about the Saxonvale redevelopment commented, “We hope that this feature will help to put the concerns of many in Frome in a wider context. We are by no means alone in wanting a strong voice in decisions which affect our town’s future.”
Support from TV presenter Kevin McCloud has also helped to spark further interest in the campaign; Luke explains the next steps needed. He said, “Kevin reinforced the argument for the vision represented in the Planning Brief document, reassuring us of its viability and providing examples of where such visionary and sustainable development were taking place.
“Our challenge now is to support and strengthen that planning model which was developed with thorough community consultation. Our district councillors need to be emboldened. Too often when I speak to them, I hear concerns over the costs of legal battles against the big supermarkets.
“Yet across the country people are demanding the planning process works for them, refusing to fold in the face of big corporate pressure. In Frome, we have a major advantage over other communities, with what Kevin McCloud calls our suit of armour – the Planning Brief.”
The feature on towns against large supermarket is due to run this Saturday 6th August in The Guardian’s Weekend magazine.