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Issue 335 – Frome gears up for the Carnival extravaganza

FROME is set for a fantastic day of entertainment as the town’s annual Carnival gets under way on Saturday 24th of September.

The Frome Carnival committee is sure that this year’s event will be as spectacular as ever, with a large number of entries received and more still coming in. The committee says that as ever, it will be a great event that everyone can get involved with.
“So many people get enjoyment out of it!” said June Barnes, chair of Frome Carnival Committee. “There’s a team of us working together; it’s hard work but it all comes together and there will be a good show!
“Carnival is for everyone. The whole of the town enjoy themselves, with the event drawing people from all over.
“It’s important that people come down and support the Carnival, please do donate what you can on the day to ensure there is a Carnival next year and to give to the Carnival charity, which supports local Frome individuals.”
The Carnival has been entertaining Frome residents since around 1910, and has grown in popularity over the years. June explained why she believes the Carnival has such strength saying, “I think it’s because it’s all about Frome people, and it’s Frome people who are benefiting. We do the whole thing for our charity, and there are a lot of people who have asked for our help over the years.”
The afternoon children’s procession will start at 2.30pm from Victoria Park gate, going up Weymouth Road, left into Somerset Road, left into Butts Hill, Wesley Slope, left into Christchurch Street West, left into Weymouth Road and into Park via Weymouth Road park gates.
The evening procession will start at 7.00pm from Marston Trading Estate, working its way through the town towards the Frome Town Football Ground. The illuminated procession will begin at the junction of Manor Road with The Butts, proceeding along The Butts and Butts Hill, Wesley Slope, Bath Street, Market Place, North Parade, Berkley Road and Badgers Hill before finishing at the football ground.
In the afternoon, Weymouth Road will be closed from 12.00pm for the rest of the day. The carnival committee is asking that residents do not park on the road as this will obstruct the carnival processions.
Carnival fever will be building up before the event, with a series of activities in the town. On Friday 16th of September there will be a quiz at The Masons Arms in Frome at 7.30pm. On Saturday the 17th there will be a duck race at 1.00pm at the Westway Footbridge. This will all be topped off by a bingo night at South Parade Club on Wednesday 21st of September with eyes down at 8.00pm.
Shops in the town are getting involved with all the fun and frivolities. The Frome Times has teamed up with the Frome Carnival Committee to organise a Carnival Shop Window Competition, so keep a look out for the colourful and creative displays across the town.

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