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Issue 338 – £60,000 for Neighbourhood planning?

FROME Town Council await a decision from Mendip District Council on whether the authority will put up £20,000 match funding for use on works across the town.

Frome Town Council have found themselves the recipients of a £20,000 grant from Department for Communities and Local Government as Frontrunners for Neighbourhood Planning and now await a decision from Mendip to match fund the grant.
Should the district council agree to supply £20,000 to supplement the town council’s £20,000 grant, Frome Town Council will then match fund it with another £20,000 out of their reserve fund, making a total of £60,000 for use as Neighbourhood Planning funds.
At a meeting of Frome Town Council on Wednesday 12th of October, cllr Graham Burgess declared that the council should await the outcome of the decision from Mendip before committing to the town council’s £20,000 payment.
Cllr Damon Hooton said, “We should be leading from the front. We need to get the funding in place, ready for a neighbourhood plan that has to be in place for March next year.”
The council took the decision to match fund their grant, with another £20,000, should Mendip District Council provide £20,000. The decision from Mendip is hoped to be made at the end of the month.

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