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Issue 338 – Have your say on new town council strategy

FROME residents will have the opportunity to have their say on the new town council strategy before it is officially given the green light later this year.

The decision was taken by Frome’s full council at a meeting on Wednesday 12th of October, with plans to approve the document in December.
At the meeting, cllr Mel Usher outlined details for local people and groups to have greater control of local services. The Independents for Frome (ifF) would like to see control of car parks, street cleaning and highways issues, with plans to negotiate this with Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council.
Plans also include the employment of a town centre manager to prepare an economic development plan and oversee activity in the town.
Cllr Claire Hudson commented, “A key point of the strategy is that it engages people at a local level. This new document builds on the existing strategy, but I would like to see what the public think.”
Cllr James Godman said, “There are no mention of carbon dioxide targets in the strategy and this is something that needs to be addressed. There are no costings in the strategy and I feel this cannot move forward without that.”
Cllr Usher agreed that the public should be consulted, stating that an action plan will be formulated.
The councillors agreed to adopt the strategy at the next full council meeting in December after residents have had their say.
Copies of the strategy are available at the library and on the town council website.You can view the strategy at http:// 884. Send your comments to Frome Town Council, 5 Palmer Street, Frome. BA11 1DS

366 Responses to Issue 338 – Have your say on new town council strategy

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