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Issue 348 – Frome will be blooming again this summer

Frome Town Council is working with Frome Chamber of Commerce to encourage local businesses to support the Floral Sponsorship Scheme. The scheme was first set up in 2011 and received such a positive response for its contribution to Frome’s aesthetic appeal that the scheme will run again this year.Simon Woollen, Frome Town Council’s grounds and properties manager said, “We would like to invite local businesses to contribute £25 to sponsor a floral display. In return their company logo will be displayed on floral tubs, hanging baskets and the FTC park’s van. All monies raised will be used to purchase plants for the tubs and hanging baskets which are then cared for throughout the summer months.”The closing date for this year’s scheme is 30th March so there is still time to take part and contribute to making this summer’s floral displays in Frome even better than last years. If you would like to support the scheme then please complete the form on the Frome Town Council website,

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