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Collapsed path reveals new Frome tunnel

A BEER delivery to a local pub has helped uncover a new tunnel in Frome, as the ground gave way underneath the weight of the order. A stationary delivery trolley, full of goods for the Griffin pub on Milk Street, gave deliverers a fright as the floor collapsed around one of the wheels, leaving a football sized hole on the pavement outside the pub. The hole is believed to lead into one of Frome’s mysterious underground tunnels, which criss-cross for miles underneath the town. Carl Perkins, manager of the Griffin said, “There’s a cage on wheels that the beer delivery arrives on. “One of the wheels got caught as it was pushed towards the pub. We tried to move it and suddenly the ground gave way underneath the wheel. “I’ve had a look down there and it’s like a void. We always thought there was a tunnel down there as the hole falls close to the cellar, which is arched and vault-like.” Robin Rowland Hills from Frome Tunnels investigated the hole. He said, “We think it’s part of an access to a tunnel. We had investigated this particular tunnel around five years ago. Unfortunately it’s too dangerous to excavate as it’s right underneath the road. “I think we can rule out that it forms part of a barrel drop into the cellar. These are normally to the right of the entrance of a pub, not directly in front, because of access issues. “There are a few types of tunnels under Frome; waterways, drainage, tunnels for engineering access and escape tunnels. We think this could form access into one of the more larger tunnels, but without excavating the site, it will remain uncertain.” Above: David Richards from the Griffin points to a mysterious hole which could be another Frome Tunnel.