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Going the distance (56.8km!) for the Air Ambulance

A FROME runner is preparing to raise funds for the air ambulance with a 56.8km run – the distance the air ambulance travelled to rescue him when he was nearly killed in a road traffic accident. Keen runner Richard Riley was hit by a car while out running in August, and had to be airlifted to hospital where he spent a day and a half in a coma. But he was back out running a full marathon less than three months later, and now he is taking on an even greater challenge. The 56.8km covers the distance the air ambulance travelled from Filton in Bristol to Frome, and Richard wants to use the challenge to raise £1,100 for the Great Western Air Ambulance to repay the cost of his rescue. Richard said, “I’m doing my longest ever run – it’s a marathon and a half. The original plan was to run to Filton but I’m not allowed and have been relegated to doing it on a treadmill, with the support of Frome Leisure Centre who are letting me have the use of the facilities for the day. “My aim is to raise £1,100. This is obviously very close to my heart, and it’s my biggest challenge. I’ve never done it before and I don’t know what happens when I get past the marathon distance. It’s a leap into the unknown. “The biggest encouragement you have is when you think of people who have given you money. You do not want to let those people down, so the more people who sponsor me the better chance I have of finishing it!” Members of Frome Running Club will be supporting Richard by running alongside him. You can sponsor Richard via his website Pictured: Richard Riley with Owen Patterson duty manager of Frome leisure centre