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Get involved in your town, says outgoing mayor

OUTGOING mayor, cllr Nick White has appealed for the people of Frome to “get involved” in their town.

In his farewell speech as mayor, cllr White commended the multitude of organisations in Frome, but pointed out that they all need the help of volunteers to carry out their good work for the community. Cllr White said, “Becoming mayor allows you to see the big picture in a town like Frome. We have many organisations and clubs that do a tremendous amount for the well-being of Frome.

“What all of these groups could do with is more people. People are much more important than money; without people volunteering none of these organisations would exist. It is easy to sit back and let others do this work and enjoy the dividends of other people’s labour, but we would all get much more from life if we too all decided to help in whatever way we can.

“Volunteering engenders a feeling of well-being, of being valued, needed. Your social life will improve enormously and your circle of friends widened. There is something for everyone in this town, so get out there, get involved, and let the council know if we can help. So if you have just half a notion or just considered it fleetingly, give it a go, get involved!”