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Cheese and Grain’s tower to be restored

THEtower on top of the Cheese and Grain is to be restored alongside plans to transform the venue’s mezzanine level.

Plans to restore the Cheese and Grain’s tower will receive a £5,000 cash boost. This cash was previously earmarked to carry out a feasibility study to convert the mezzanine level of the Cheese and Grain.

However, it was announced last month that £25,000 was secured towards the development of the Cheese and Grain mezzanine level, no longer requiring the £5,000 that was previously earmarked.

Frome Town councillors agreed last week to repurpose the cash to restore the Cheese and Grain tower.

Paul Wynne, Frome Town Council’s community engagement officer, produced a report for Frome Town Council last week.

Councillors agreed the recommendation and will now move forward with the restoration of the tower and development of the mezzanine level at the Cheese and Grain.