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Little dresses for Africa

A group of clever crafters who meet at the Key Centre on the Mount on a Tuesday morning have been making some lovely dresses to send out to charities abroad.

The idea was given to them by Fiona Johnston who saw a competition in a machine embroidery magazine. She entered and was highly commended for her work. The project appealed to the Crafts for All group and over the past few weeks they have made over 20 dresses. The pattern is very easy to do and you can also turn your hand to making simple shorts for little boys.

Margaret Binney of the group said, “Originally the idea was to use unwanted pillowcases but lots of different types of cottons have been used. I am sure these lovely dresses will be much appreciated by children across the world.”

If anyone has any spare material they would like to donate or would like to join the Tuesday group and sew more dresses please contact Margaret Binney on 01373 465418.

Pictured: The Crafts For All group and their dresses for Africa