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Witness appeal after Catherine Hill window smashing spate

WITNESSES are being asked to come forward after two businesses on Catherine Hill had their windows smashed earlier this month.

Rugs and Kilims was forced to replace their front-of-shop window after it was smashed on the 1st of August at around 11.45pm. A few nights later, on Sunday 5th of August, vandals shattered a window at Poot at around 3.00am. Police are currently investigating blood samples left on the smashed window at Rugs and Kilims.

Yvonne Noad from Poot said, “It would be good to know who did this. Police are working to find out who the culprits were.

“I’m sure the shop lost some trade. The market was in the town centre that day and passing trade could not really see what was in the shop.

“People don’t think of the distress and hassle this causes. The window is fixed now, but it was very stressful.”

Pete Cox from Rugs and Kilims said, “I’m not sure if the police have had any luck with the CCTV footage. We do know that the vandal wrapped his fist in cloth and then struck the window.

“It’s just an assumption, but the window smashing at Poot could be linked to what happened to me.

“The police were very quick in their response time. Two patrol cars were with me, maybe five or 10 minutes after the incident.”

If you have any information about the window smashing on Catherine Hill, then contact the police by calling 101.

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