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Getting a battering: staff set for fishy fundraiser

STAFFat Seven Fish Bar will be bathing in batter to raise money for local charity Positive Action on Cancer (PAC).

It is also a great way for the fish bar to celebrate its first anniversary, after a successful launch in Church Street last August.

The fundraiser is themed around the number seven; staff at the Seven Fish Bar will spend seven hours in a bath of batter with the hope of raising £700.

Maria Mullane and her staff will take it in turns to sit in the bath, which was donated by a local plumber. She said, “It was my idea – I’m always covered in batter so thought we might as well go the whole hog! I’ve not done anything like this before!

“People can also support us by pouring batter over our heads for a pound.”

The fundraiser will be held at the Seven Fish Bar on Wednesday 29th September from 10am to 5pm, when there will also be a cake sale and raffle. The shop will be open all day from 10am to 8.30pm.