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Kilimanjaro for MNDA campaign update

THE Kilimanjaro team, who will climb to the summit in June 2013 to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease, report that much has been happening over recent weeks as they fundraise to reach their campaign total of £36,900.
The Ecofitness v Kilimanjaro team spinning challenge took place at Sainsbury’s Frome, which Ecofitness won by cycling 162 miles to the Kilimanjaro team’s 152.8 miles.  Shelagh Flemming won the competition estimating that Ecofitness would win the challenge by cycling 160 miles, and she won vouchers provided by both Ecofitness and Sainsburys.
Organiser Nicki Brook said, “We would like to thank Ecofitness for setting up the challenge and providing a prize, and our thanks to  Sainsbury’s Frome for hosting the event, their support on the day and providing a prize for the competition.  We raised £449.60 on the day and would like to thank Sainsbury’s customers for their very kind donations to this campaign.”
“Joel Pagett ran his first 10K race for the campaign.  Joel is the son of Malcolm who will be climbing Kilimanjaro in June 2013.  Joel lives in Winchester and works at The Winchester Hotel and raised £350 for the campaign.
“We raised £509.25 at the recent quiz night at Frome Rugby Club.  We are grateful to everyone who participated and ‘The Rodents’ and ‘No Name’ jointly won the quiz answering 67 questions correctly and very kindly donated the prize back to the fundraising appeal.
“Thanks to Jason Lusty, who is climbing Kilimanjaro, and the CFH Docmail Team for their kind donation of £110. We understand this is the contents of the swearbox Jason has introduced to raise funds for the campaign.
“Thank you to all who are supporting us with this campaign, your generosity is very much appreciated.
“There are lots more events coming up in the coming months, including David Bradley singing Buble and Williams on 23rd November at Rook Lane Chapel, a jumble sale on 24th November at Beckington Village Hall and a race night on 24th November at Frome Cricket Club.
“You can follow our progress and obtain details of forthcoming events on Facebook “June 2013 – Kilimanjaro for MNDA” as we continue to fundraise to achieve our target of £36,900.
“Should you wish to donate to our campaign, you can do so on www.”
Pictured: Jordan Lawrence at the spinning challenge held at Sainsbury’s Frome and Joel Pagett, wearing number 325 at 10k race.