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Half Marathon & 10K Run now available on DVD

THE Rotary Club of Frome and  Frome Running Club recently viewed the premier of a DVD covering the Frome Half Marathon which took place on 22nd July this year.

The DVD was filmed by members of the Frome Film and Video Makers.

Nine cameras were positioned around the course to cover every aspect of the run. The footage was then handed to the editor, Ernie McKenna, who then had the task of sifting through almost 13 hours of shots from all nine cameras. After a month a 26 minute DVD was finally finished and ready for viewing.

Rotarian Richard Dredge, chairman of the organising committee said, “Having fully viewed the DVD I must say that the quality and contents are of a very high standard. The DVD captured many great aspects of the day and told the story in great detail. Everyone who contributed to this wonderful DVD should be proud of it.”

Georgie Starkie, race director said, “For me the DVD definitely covered the atmosphere of the day. Directing the start and the finish I missed out on what was going on around the course but the DVD captured some great and magical moments.”

Trevor Biggs, chairman of the Frome Film and Video Makers said, “This is just the sort of project our club loves to get involved with, and we were happy to cover such a great event. It was for us a “marathon” task to film and edit but the end result proved to be a hit with The Rotary Club of Frome and Frome Running Club. We will be selling copies of the DVD which can be obtained from Ernie McKenna– –   cost £10.