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Text service to take on town’s potholes

AFROME town councillor is setting up a new text message campaign in a bid to tackle the town’s potholes.

Berkley Down Councillor, Sam Phripp, is encouraging the people of Frome to send him a picture message of a pothole that you would like to see filled.

He will then pass on the information to the relevant authority to deal with the pothole.

All you have to do is take a photograph of the pothole, using your mobile phone, and send it to cllr Phripp, along with the location of the pothole and a nearby landmark.

Cllr Phripp said, “Potholes are hardly the most glamorous issue, but they affect us all and often mean unnecessary trips to garages for motorists.

“This is a simple idea, but it’s one that I hope will allow local people to get more involved in how local government works in Frome.

“I have a theory, that most people aren’t bothered about political parties, or politicians rattling on, they just want to get things sorted. I hope that this will help us do that together.”

To report a pothole or highways problem, send a picture message with relevant details to cllr Phripp on 07564 737812.