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Major refurbishment plans for Frome’s Archangel

THE Archangel restaurant, hotel and bar will close for a month while a complete refurbishment takes place. The alterations to the 900-year-old former coaching house promise a “premier dining experience that will cater for everyone.”

Major work on the King Street venue will start after its temporary closure on Sunday 3rd of March.

Plans include extending and moving the downstairs bar into the restaurant area to create an informal dining and seating area. Upstairs there will also be a formal dining area.

A new chef has joined the team to create a brand new menu, which will be kept tightly under wraps until the Archangel re-opens on Friday 29th of March at 8.00am until late.

As part of the changes, the walls of the Archangel will be decorated with artwork from Frome artists and regular live music will be performed.

The extensive refurbishment plans are steered by Luke Richards, the new manager at the Archangel, who has a vision to make the venue an accessible place for the whole of Frome, as well as creating new jobs.

He said, “We are all very excited about the plans. I think over the last few years, the venue has fallen by the wayside. This is now our chance to give Frome a restaurant, bar and hotel that everyone can use and bring some fun back into the venue. Whether it’s coming in for a plate of chips or a coffee, or if you want that fine dining experience, we will cater for everyone.

“Our new chef is creating an exciting menu, but you’ll have to wait until the Archangel re-opens to see what it is!”

As part of the Archangel’s grand re-opening, there will be a performance by folk singer-songwriter, Kathryn Williams.

“Live music on a Friday evening is something that we will look to continue indefinitely” said Luke. “We want to give local bands and artists a platform to get themselves heard and really make the Archangel a place for the community.

“I am committed to keeping things as local possible. Hopefully we will create new jobs as well.”

For more information about the Archangel call the venue on 01373 456111.

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