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Fly-tipping problem gains BBC attention

THEproblem of fly-tipping in Frome has been highlighted as part of a BBC documentary.

BBC Inside Out West investigated the problems surrounding fly-tipping, showing Gypsy Lane in Frome as a hot-spot for dumping rubbish.

Fly-tipping is the illegal act of leaving waste on public or private land.

As part of the BBC documentary, presenter Alistair McKee looked at the effects of fly-tipping around Somerset.

The documentary showed roads around Frome that have waste dumped illegally and went on to show that fly-tipping is a county-wide issue.

Cllr Adam Boyden Mendip district councillor for Frome College Ward, has campaigned   to have the recycling centres re-opened in a bid to combat fly-tipping. He says that the  problem has become worse since Somerset County Council reduced opening hours to recycling centres across the county. He said, “Fly-tipping is obviously a problem in Frome and it needs to be sorted.

“When household waste recycling centres were closed two and a half days a week, and charges were introduced for recycling hardcore, tiles and tyres, fly-tipping as a whole went up by 50 per cent across Somerset.

“Cllr Sam Phripp and I put a motion to Mendip together and started a petition last year to ask that Somerset County Council think again about its cuts to recycling centres. The fuss we and others made at the time helped persuade the county council not to cut recycling further this year.”

• What do you think of fly-tipping in Frome? Is opening the recycling centre for longer hours the solution to the problem? Email or tweet @frometimes