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Mells author uses wind farms as an arena for comedy

AMELLSauthor has written a light-hearted take on the tensions wind farms can create among local communities. 

Magnus Macintyre has drawn on his background  as a commercial wind farmer to write Whirligig, which is set in the wilds of Scotland. Although he is an experienced writer it is the first book he has had published.

Magnus explained, “I have seen up close the tensions and passions that arise when a large renewable energy project is mooted for a rural community, and thought it an apt arena for comedy. It has not, as far as I’m aware, been done.”

Although the themes in the book cover failure and redemption, as well as old tensions of class, family, and urban versus rural, Magnus says, “Above all I want to entertain the reader, not lecture them.”

He said, “This is not the first book I have written, but it is the first to be published. I trained as a journalist, and was an editor for some years, so a blank page doesn’t scare me. But getting it right is hard.”